If you're in an industry that simply has too much competition for your SEO to optimally rank organically, CDKWeb Pay-Per-Click (aka PPC) services can help. We start by researching keywords and their costs to increase traffic to your website via paid advertising for specified keywords. Once the research has been completed, your company will be presented with a list of possible keywords and their associated bids that, once submitted, can drive traffic to your site.

After the research is done and the recommendations are recommended, our Google AdWords professionals can set up your Google AdWords account, taking into account your budget and your marketing goals. We offer affordable AdWords management packages based on hands on style.

In these tough economic times, do you even know if your advertising is producing the bang for your buck that you would like? This could be due to ever changing internet trends:

  • In 2009, users put great trust in their social networks. One-half said they considered information shared on their networks when making a decision—and the proportion was higher among users ages 18 to 24, at 65%.
  • There were nearly 116 million US user-generated content consumers in 2008, along with 82.5 million content creators. Both numbers are set to climb significantly by 2013.

Are you missing out on the internet using audience?!?! If so, it just so happens that we can help with the new Local Clicks program. Isn't that nice of us?

How it Works - The Mechanics

With Google AdWords, an account will be created for your company that allows you to determine how much money you want to invest each month into your internet advertising campaign.

After determining the proper keyword phrases for your company, a bid will be placed on each phrase which determines your rank on the page among all of the bidders for that keyword. You will then pay no higher than your bidding price each time a potential customer clicks on your advertisement. (Hence, the term pay-per-click.)

The Local

Each keyword will include your local service area, either by town, city, county or state, wherever includes the highest concentration of your customers. This ensures that the money you pay for these leads are qualified by being internet users in your service area.

The Click

Each time a potential customer types that keyword phrase into a popular search engine, your advertisement will appear. Once the potential customer clicks on your ad, he/she will be directed to your website (or web ad, if applicable) and the proper amount (cost-per-click) will be deducted from your account.

Getting Results

With Local Clicks, we will customize the keyword phrases for your area and your industry to ensure that you get the proper return on your investment. We will monitor your account status, keyword costs, impressions and click through rates for you.

If you're ready for the website traffic to start shopping on your site, contact us today to find out our knowledgeable staff has PPC solutions that can grow your business!

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