Regardless of what the competition may tell you, CDKWeb can tell you that you don't need a trained professional SEO Specialist. All you need is a strong dose of common sense and time. However, in terms of SEO, TIME is the key word (keyword! Get it?!?!).

Stop and think: do you have time to adequately learn SEO, enough so that you don't get nailed as a Black Hat by Google and have to spend a month or worse, YEARS, in cyber time out? Do you have the time to not only learn HMTL but to correctly implement it in order to affect your desired changes? Our Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing Specialist reads, on average, 10-15 hours a week just to keep abreast of Google algorithms. This doesn't include all the additional time required to research the best keywords for your websites' SEO and numerous other SEO technologies which happen to change quicker than an adolescent's social life. Think your business might suffer? Well, we sure don't want that!

To help you avoid this, CDKWeb can work with you to determine the best search engine optimization options for your website. We'll help you determine the most frequent (i.e. key) words and phrases your customers use when they are searching for your products and your services. Then, we'll make sure to sprinkle these all important “keywords” liberally throughout your website to attract the most popular search engines and lift your site to the top of the results list, plus all those other pesky details the competition thinks you should spend your valuable time doing yourself. Then, you can rest easy knowing your website is working for you and not the other way around!

Finally decided that dedicating all your uber-valuable time to SEO isn't your cup of tea? Contact us today to find out our organic search engine optimization solutions can grow your business!

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