Mobile devices are no longer the "future" of social media. They are the present. If you are not ready to have your business go mobile, then get ready to be left in the past along with cassette tapes and your competitor's dust. That too harsh for you? Well, here something else to chew on. Did you know:

  • By the end of 2011, smartphones will increase by 49%
  • There are 401 Billion (yes that's a B) Mobile Phones worldwide
  • 86% of Americans own a Mobile Phone
  • By 2015 Mobile Devices will be the worlds' primary connection to the internet

So, are you quick on your feet, or are you still believing that myth about the rabbit and the tortoise? Think about it. Busy people on the go are using smartphones rather than desktops. Why? Glad you asked. Mobile websites contain the same information as a regular website but are configured to better fit mobile device screens and as such, are easier to navigate.

Other features CDK can add to your mobile website include location based marketing, mobile events, and text marketing.

With these features, a business has several prime options to drive customers to their site while using less money for advertising than traditional methods.

If you still are not convinced that your business should go mobile, here are some facts from Nielsen's 2010 Media Industry Fact Sheet:

  • U.S. mobile phone users 13+:223 million
  • Number of mobile web users: 60.7 million (up 33% from 2008)
  • Percentage of mobile devices that are smartphones:18% (up from 13% in 2008)
  • Percentage of mobile device owners that streamed audio:8%
  • Percentage of mobile device owners that viewed video via their mobile phone:7%
  • Percentage of mobile devices sold in Q3 2009 that were smartphones: 25% (estimated 40%-50% in 2010)

Changed your mind yet? Maybe take a further look at the other awesome mobile websites we've done! Or, just contact us today to find out our mobile site designs can grow your business!

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