HTML e-mail campaigns are fast, efficient and cost effective tools that can be used to announce new product releases, new service offerings, customer case histories, upcoming sales, seminars and trade shows. But, there's lots of places that you can do this yourself for little monthly fees. What? You don't have an expert designer on staff to make it look awesome? Well, we do! CDKWeb can design effective email templates that match your existing brand or help to establish a new one.

E-mail campaigns can also be used on a more regular basis for e-newsletters and coupons. The addition of an opt-in e-mail form on your website enables your business to collect e-mail addresses that are voluntarily submitted. Once collected, we can create eye-catching emails that are sure to notify visitors of updates and changes to your business versus those boring and often ignored templates the other guys use!

We'll even help you develop and deploy a direct e-mail campaign and then review the generated statistics for determining its success to make sure that we make it even better the next time! Let's see those templated emarketing softwares provide that!

Plus, we can also create effective banner advertisements to be used in direct e-mail campaigns, partner websites, or your own website for relaying your specific message. These banners can be created as static or animated images, or Flash® banners.

Why don't you put your mouse right here and do a little clicky clicky to contact us today to find out our brilliantly designed emarketing solutions can grow your business!

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